MLG Management Consultants was formed in 1991 by a group of experienced consultants who wished to remain in hands-on roles supporting clients through business improvement. Working in senior roles in the larger practices guiding junior consultants at considerable expense to clients did not appeal so we set out to create a different, pragmatic approach. 

We use our considerable experience to help organisations improve performance through the adoption of best practice. This improvement comes from the refinement of business processes to align with objectives and through the selection and introduction of the most appropriate approaches, systems and technologies available in all areas of operations. To support this, we offer education and training in a range of disciplines including planning and control techniques, management of the supply chain, the implementation and use of business systems (Supply Chain, MRPII, ERP, APS) and the elimination of waste through the adoption of Lean.

Throughout our history we have built up long-term relationships with clients who value our practical approach to addressing business change. We do not seek binding contracts for specific numbers of consultant days; at all times the actual cost remains under the client's control. We provide an estimate of likely MLG input but if in-house teams make greater progress than anticipated our input can be reduced. All our consultants are UK-based and are flexible, able to operate across a spectrum of roles from trainer/educator, through coach and consultant to interim line manager or project manager in what we term the Consultancy Continuum.