The objective of an Interim Management assignment is to provide clients with high-calibre experienced line managers to join the management team on a temporary basis and lead key business activities.

The provision of interim management may arise as a result of the loss of a key individual or from recognition that the existing team lacks the skills and expertise necessary to bring about a required improvement in business performance.

A typical assignment would involve the following stages:

  • Discussion of objectives with Chief Executive and other members of company or parent group management.
  • Agreement on the definitive set of responsibilities and objectives.
  • Establishment of key performance criteria and measurements.
  • “Just Do It”.

One of the key benefits an MLG consultant brings to a management role is the preparation for continuation of the business upon the consultant’s departure. An interim manager is, by definition, a specialist leading through a period of change, preparing and coaching existing staff to continue to operate the new ways of working when the interim manager is no longer in place. A key element is that of transfer of the role to the replacement or replacements. 

Our clients find interim management particularly effective at times of substantial process change, when the skills, experience and qualities required of key managers during the transition may be very different to those needed when these new processes are established.

The term ‘interim management’ as a general rule applies to assignments of a line nature whereby the consultant assumes direct responsibility for a function or functions within the business. MLG’s specialism is in the operational sphere and assignments have included roles leading Operations within manufacturing businesses as well as specialist positions heading specific functions including manufacturing, purchasing, materials, contracts and IT.

In some cases the role is of a project nature where the consultant has responsibility for the activities and staff within a specific change programme. MLG’s approach to project management is described in a separate page. <click here>