Judging by the feedback received from the delegates at each of the venues, we are pleased to report that the recent round of breakfast briefings was a great success!

The sessions were run in conjunction with the Institute of Operations Management and focussed on the hotly debated subject of Executive Sales and Operations Planning. The briefings were designed for senior management, for whom Executive S&OP offers a tool for balancing supply and demand. Failure to establish realistic medium term plans means that short term planning can never deliver success; we can only hope to minimise the level of failure in the short term. All too often, companies approach planning and control projects with the decision to ‘Leave it ’til later’, believing that S&OP is complex and difficult, when in fact it offers the foundation for everything else.

The feedback received was very positive with the virtually everyone stating they had broadened their understanding in the subject; not only as a result of the formal presentations from Robin and Ian but equally importantly from the informal discussions with the MLG team and the other delegates. The events were held in:









You missed us?


Perhaps you missed the publicity for the events or couldn’t make the scheduled dates? If so and you wish to discuss any aspects of S&OP with us, including the possibility of scheduling an individual in-house briefing for your senior team, simply drop us an email at: SandOP@mlg.uk.com

Alternatively why not read and/or download the reviews that appeared in the IOM journal (Operations Management) afterwards. To do so simply click on the links below:

Part 1 (Robin Goodfellow)

Part 2 (Ian Henderson)


Our next tour

From the popularity of the tour, the IOM and MLG realise there is demand for focussed informative briefings of this type in a breakfast format. Accordingly we are already planning our next tour. We have yet to decide on the topic but have a few ideas based upon our collective experiences. Perhaps you have ideas on what you would like us to cover? If so drop us an email at info@mlg.uk.com

So please come back here soon to see what we have in store for you next! Alternatively simply register your interest by emailing us at briefings@mlg.uk.com and be one of the first to receive the details once finalised

‘Leave it ’til Later’ - S&OP De-mystified and Brought Into Focus