Why Such a Broad-Based Approach?

We believe this breadth of approach to be one of our major strengths. When a client engages MLG to provide training for his or her team the trainer is somebody who understands not only the theory of the subject but also the practical realities of employing the particular techniques in the real world.  When an MLG consultant manages an improvement or systems implementation project the client gets not only an expert in Lean, or in Supply Chain systems, but also somebody who understands the functions and responsibilities of all in the organisation.

Training and Education

At the left side of the diagram we provide the role of trainer/educator, the distinction being that education involves teaching people the principles of a subject whereas training shows them how to do something. The elements to the right illustrate what we believe to be our major strength in education and training – which is that our team are not theorists or academics. We teach best practice from the standpoint of practitioners who have put all these tools and techniques to use in real-life environments.


In the role of coach or counsellor, we act as advisor to individuals within the organisation either through a period of substantial change within the business or during an individual’s assimilation into a more senior or broader role. As well as providing valuable learning and support to the people involved this also provides the business with the confidence of having an experienced practitioner in an overview role offering protection from the problems that can arise during such a period.


In the more traditional role of management consultant, we provide general advice and guidance to the client organisation, with some involvement in a particular change programme. We bring expertise and experience of relevant business issues and approaches to support client management in the achievement of their aims and objectives.

Project Management

Many clients don’t have, or can’t spare, executives to take responsibility for major change programmes. In a project management role we provide experience not only of the tools being adopted within the client organisation, but also of the key discipline of change management. This experience is essential in all change programmes – problems will come not in systems and techniques but in the processes, procedures and, critically, the culture to be built around them.

Interim Management

At the right hand side of the diagram we provide members of MLG to take temporary line responsibility within the client organisation – usually through a period of substantial change. This provides the client with additional skills and experience at a time when something special is required. A key element of this role may involve the interim executive defining the future role and assisting in the selection of a permanent appointment. Sometimes this includes developing a replacement from within.